[Trailer] Post Grad

Your obligatory Rory Gilmore update.

The trailer for Post Grad courtesy of MTV. Recent college graduate Ryden Malby (Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel) has just survived four years of higher education, but when she’s forced to move back into her childhood home, the stress of dealing with her eccentric family, landing a job, and finding the right guy leaves her with precious little time to ponder where her life is truly heading. Shrek and Shark’s Tale co-director Vicky Jenson takes the helm for a comedy co-starring Michael Keaton.

I’ve always dreamed of a Rory Gilmore – Batman superhero teamup.¬† Anyway, why is it that all these movies are always about a girl trying to find the right guy and not just about them getting drunk and hooking up NSA?

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