[Trailer] Sherlock Holmes

Warner Bros has released the trailer for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. The film stars Robert Downey Jr as the Bakers St. detective, Jude Law co-stars as Dr. John Watson, Rachel McAdams plays Holmes’ love-interest, “the deceptive” Irene Adler. And Mark Strong plays the film’s villain Lord Blackwood, an industrialist who “holds sway over a cult of dark-arts practitioners and claims to possess supernatural powers, is linked to a series of murders.”

Look, trailers can be misleading and all that, but this has the whiff of yet another Guy Ritchie style-over-substance affair.  Which is a shame.  There’s an overabundance on the comedy versus action ratio; I guess I was hoping for some sort of Victorian noir and not another Pirates of the Caribbean-with-detectives.

Oh well, at least there’s the trademark slow motion fighting segments.  Okay, I’m just trying to talk myself into this one.  I know it’ll be fun, but doesn’t Sherlock Holmes deserve more than this?  Especially with RDJ as the lead?

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