[trailer] The Blind Side

Huh.  So they made a movie out of Michael Lewis’s book, The Blind Side. Looks like it could be decent, if not schmaltzy.  Hopefully, this is more like Friday Night Lights and less like a Lifetime Original. 

Nice to see Sandra Bullock looking good and doing something other than a terrible rom-com.  It even looks like she may be using Michael Oher to open a lane to Oscar-baiting daylight. 

For those scratching their heads, Michael Oher was the Baltimore Ravens’s #1 pick in this year’s NFL draft.  But back in high school, before the football glory, he was struggling to live in a Memphis ghetto; then he was adopted by a white family in rural Mississippi and given a second chance.  Because he was built like a Mac Truck, with the grace of a ballerina, the high school football team turned him into a left tackle, one of the NFL’s most highly sought-after positions.

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