Transformers 2 in a nutshell

Yup, pretty much when John Turturro’s character looks up at Devastator and says over the radio, “I’m looking at the enemy’s scrotum” and the giant robot has two wrecking balls for a scrotum it’s the definitively crappy moment in a 2.5 hour pooh fest of twisted metal, loud explosions and inane plotlines.

It’s true!  Everything you heard about this movie from the very upset critics is spot on, so I won’t rehash it here for you.  However, if you haven’t seen the movie yet then watch the above clip and call yourself good.  You can read about the making of the clip here.

You’ll thank me for saving you the $10, which you can then go buy yourself a couple of beers or a bottle of wine with.  (big thanks to Scott who’s been absolutely killing it with the clips lately.

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