Watchmen Blu-Ray has cool commentary track

I haven’t gotten into Blu-Ray because the supposed benefits are marginal.  Sure it’s got better “picture” and “sound” but if you don’t own a sweet surround sound system or own a 1080p HD television then the price for Blu-Ray doesn’t really justify itself.  You’re better of paying $60 for a up-convert DVD player and saying the hell with it. 

But I will admit, that this commentary track from director Zack Snyder — better known as Maximum Movie Mode — has me wanting to find a friend with a Blu-Ray player. 

I understand not a lot of people get geeked out over the process of movie making, so this probably doesn’t matter one iota, but I find the nuts and bolts of the profession just slightly less fascinating than the finished product.  I could watch these types of featurettes for days on end.


It’s the first time I’ve seen any movie show off the supposed advances in technology Blu-Ray offers, even if I’m not entirely sold because of it. Much of this feature rests on the charismatic shoulders of Snyder. Whether you hated or loved Watchmen, you’ve got to give him credit for not just getting the comic made into a movie, but for making sure there would be some choice extras when it arrived on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Watchmen hits Blu-Ray on July 21st 2009. You can order the Director’s Cut on Amazon for around $23 (the suggested retail price is $35.99).

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  • Stun Gun Flashlight June 30, 2009, 2:03 am

    I am so ignorant on this topic but now I know a little more. Thanks for educating me.

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