X-Men Origins: Wolverine workprint leaks to torrent sites

wolverineleakTalk about the best non-April Fool’s Day story that is actually a real story. 

Right now, if you’re FOX Studios, someone is getting reamed hard for leaking a workprint of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 

The print uses a temporary soundtrack (mostly music from Transformers) and several FX shots are incomplete.  But according to those who’ve seen the leak, it’s a very good copy, almost DVD quality.

Oscar movies leak all the time, but it’s extremely rare for a summer tentpole movie to leak a month out.  The leak seems to have originated from Australian visual effects house Rising Sun Pictures.  They’re no slouch, having worked on the Harry Potter franchise, Terminator: Salvation, Watchmen and the most recent Superman and Batman films. 

At the time of writing, the movie has already been downloaded 75,000 times and is spreading like wildfire through all major public torrent tracking sites. 

Also, hilariously, Fox selected today of all days to have poor Hugh Jackman announce a contest giving fans a chance to “host the world premiere of Wolverine in your town.” Everyone’s a winner! (Except for everyone involved with this movie.)

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