A Look at the Sound Editing Oscar

So in honor of Slate V getting a decent design makeover (they’re about one or two design tweaks away from having a great site!), here’s a video of there’s looking at the Sound Editing category for the Oscars.

I know most people focus on the acting, directing, and writing categories (aside from the Best Picture), but to me it’s all about sound editing. Movies are made in this category. One of my college buddies explained it to me that everything you hear in a film is either created or added in later. It blew my mind to think that the video and sound were somehow separate entities and that both had to be created — everything from the soundtrack to the environmental sounds like doors opening, cars screeching, etc.

If you think of movies in these terms, it makes something like Avatar or District 9 that much more impressive beyond a mere story-centric/acting pov. This truly is the most under-appreciated of all Oscar categories.

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