Avatar Surpasses One Billion

It took only 17 days for James Cameron’s Avatar to surpass the $1 billion mark and by the time the movie ends it’s run it will sit comfortably behind only Titanic, another James Cameron film as the highest grossing movie of all-time.  Though, because of inflation, it’s assumed that Avatar has only sold half as many tickets as Titanic. King of the world indeed.

Easing ten percent, Avatargenerated a whopping estimated $68.3 million, claiming the New Year’s record from Meet the Fockers‘ $41.7 million. More importantly, it delivered the highest-grossing third weekend ever, surpassing the first Spider-Man‘s $45 million, and it raced past the $350 million mark in just 17 days, second only to The Dark Knight‘s two-week sprint.

Among 2009 releases, Avataralready ranks second toTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘ $402.1 million, which it will soon eclipse. Avatar‘s performance is so monumental that picture has shot up to the 15th spot on the all time chart and it’s likely to give The Dark Knight and Titanic a run for their money. Avatar‘s costlier 3D tickets help its cause but do not diminish its achievements, and it has blown the roof off the format’s previous highs. 3D presentations again accounted for 75 percent of the gross (including another estimated $8.4 million from IMAX)

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