Christian Bale Really Likes the Powerpuff Girls Because It’s the Jam

Does this video of Christian Bale singing the Powerpuff Girls theme song make me like him more as a person/actor?  Sure, why not?  Because the Powerpuff Girls is probably the finest achievement in animation in the last decade.  Ooof, there I said it.

Anyways, even when Christian Bale is joking around he still comes off as one-step removed from murdering someone.  Right?  If he pulled out a shank and stabbed Peter Travers in the neck would you be more or less surprised than him breaking out the Powerpuff Girls theme song?

Also, Mark Wahlberg gets in on the action to reprise his role as Dirk Diggler.  No, he doesn’t whip out his wang, but he does sing “The Touch,” which was the original Transformers: The Movie theme song/power ballad.

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