Christina Hendricks Could Be, Might Possibly Be, Excited About a Rumor to Play Wonder Woman

I love the non-news stories about Hollywood, wherein some actor or actress is rumored to be playing a desirable part and then they ask said actor/actress about the rumor and they say they would of course be excited to be cast in that desirable part and then the press takes that tidbit and runs with it and then all of a sudden, in 96 pt. font: CHRISTINA HENRICKS EYEING WONDER WOMAN ROLE.

Icky.  Not that I wouldn’t want to see Hendricks in the famed Wonder Woman costume, I would, it’s just can we puh-lease stop with these types of Hollywood-rumor-mongering.  She’s not really eyeing the role, nor is she really even linked to it.  The story is that Hendricks said she would love to wear that costume some day in an off-hand quote at some red carpet event.

In related news: I heard a rumor that Hendricks wants to leave her husband for me and I would like that to happen.  Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

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