Cult Novel The Master and Margarita Becoming an Animated Movie

Of all the novels you could turn into an animated movie, Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master And Margarita would not be the first novel that immediately springs to mind.  The story is fairly simple, with the devil visiting the atheistic Soviet Union.  It is considered one of the greatest books of the 20th Century.  The novel is a satire of both Russian bureaucracy and religious history; Bulgakov died in 1940 before the novel could be finished and a heavily censored version was published in 1967.

Which is why it being made into an animated movie makes as much sense as Orwell’s Animal Farm being turned into an animated affair.  But hey, that turned out alright, didn’t it?  Anyways, the cat featured so heavily in the trailer is Behemoth, Satan’s sidekick, who enjoys chess, vodka and pistols.

This just bumped up into my most-anticipated movies of 2011. [via Twitch]

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