Darth Vader Beats Cancer

Well, not necessarily the Dark Sith Lord, but rather actor David Prowse, the man in Vader’s suit.  Force or not, anyone who beats Prostate Cancer at the age of 74 has some serious mojo working.

?From the UK Mirror:

The former body-builder – and TV’s Green Cross Code – stunned doctors by making a full recovery after intensive radiotherapy at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital.

Speaking from his home in Croydon, Surrey, David said: “I’ve won the fight and I’m feeling better than ever. Everyone was shocked by how well it all went.”

David admits he was lucky to be diagnosed early after a Prostate Cancer Support Association worker urged him to ask his GP for a blood test.

Now David, whose brother also beat the disease, advises men over 50 to get tested. He said: “I’ve had people saying I’ve saved their lives. I got the same with the Green Cross Code, it’s happening again.”


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