Die Hard, The Israeli Army and Architectural Space

I bet when you woke up this morning you had no idea your life was about to be altered forever because of an essay that expertly weaves together Bruce Willis’s seminal action flick Die Hard, the Israeli Army’s 2002 invasion of Nablus, and an essay called “Lethal Theory” by Eyal Weizman — which is itself, a seminal writing in architecture circles (download the complete PDF).

But then you would be wrong: “What I find so interesting about Die Hard—in addition to unironically enjoying the film—is that it cinematically depicts what it means to bend space to your own particular navigational needs. This mutational exploration of architecture even supplies the building’s narrative premise: the terrorists are there for no other reason than to drill through and rob the Nakatomi Corporation’s electromagnetically sealed vault.”

The icing on the cake for this essay is when it shifts focus to the urban playground, noting the vast differences in style/substance of Jason Bourne and James Bond.

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