First Look at Chris Morris’s “Four Lions”

“Early last evening I saw Chris Morris‘s Four Lions — an unsettling, at times off-putting, at other times genuinely amazing black political comedy about London-based Jihadists — Islamic radicalism meets the Four Stooges/Keystone Cops. It’s sometimes shocking and sometimes heh-heh funny,” writes Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere. “Morris uses a verbal helter-skelter quality reminiscent of In The Loop, and yet the subject is appalling — a team of doofuses who dream of bombing and slaughtering in order to enter heaven and taste the fruit of virgins. It’s amazing and kind of pleasing that a comedy of this sort has been made, but I don’t want to think about the reactions in Manhattan once it opens.”

Wells goes on to suggest that the movie is something akin to Dr. Strangelove.  But, he’s right.  America isn’t ready for a movie which follows the misadventures of four bumbling Muslims attempting to pull off a terrorist attack.  With that said, Morris is something of a genius satirist, so we shouldn’t write this movie off so suddenly.

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