First Look at Hugh Jackman in “Real Steel”

If you had told me Hugh Jackman was starring a movie where he plays a washed-up boxer who now trains droids to fight in the ring, well, I’d say okay, that sounds intriguing. 

But if you told me said family-targeted movie would be directed by Shawn Levy, who’s never made a decent movie in his life (let’s count shall we: Pink Panther remakes, Date Night, Night at the Museum flicks, Cheaper By the Dozen flicks, Just Married, etc.), then I would tell you that there’s very little chance this could be cool for you or your young’un. 

Even if the movie is based off a short story by Richard Mathieson, and even if it delivers on the vague promise of “a gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future”, I’m still having a hard time understanding how someone like Drew McWeeney could be slightly jazzed for this.

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