Flooding with Love for the Kid: A Rambo One Man Production

Is there anyone else out there as obsessed right now with Zachary Oberzan’s Rambo remake as I am?  “To my relief, the film didn’t just confirm Zack’s mental health. It revealed him as one of the most inventive and driven do-it-yourself filmmakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Produced for $95.51, Flooding with Love for the Kid is more than a great no-budget indie. It’s a reminder that you don’t need money to make compelling personal art. You just need skill, guts and heart—and an understanding landlord,” writes Matthew Zoller Seitz for L Magazine.

In this production Oberzan plays every character in the movie and every scene is shot in his tiny NYC apartment, based entirely not on the 1982 Sly Stallone movie, but upon David Morrell’s novel First Blood.

There’s a Facebook Group, an interview with Slashfilm, and a kind review in the New York Times. And now that I’ve opened up this rabbit hole for you, I’m sure you’ll become as obsessed as I am.

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