GQ Interviews Bill Murray

Bill Murray interviews seem to be rare occurances these days (4 in the last decade).  Dan Fierdman steers the ship of this  wide ranging interview, discussing the suckitude of Ron Howard, Garfield, Barack Obama and a lot of other random stuff.

I have developed a kind of different style over the years. I hate trying to re-create a tone or a pitch. Saying, “I want to make it sound like I made it sound the last time”? That’s insane, because the last time doesn’t exist. It’s only this time. And everything is going to be different this time. There’s only now. And I don’t think a director, as often as not, knows what is going to play funny anyway. As often as not, the right one is the one that they’re surprised by, so I don’t think that they have the right tone in their head. And I think that good actors always—or if you’re being good, anyway—you’re making it better than the script. That’s your fucking job. It’s like, Okay, the script says this? Well, watch this. Let’s just roar a little bit. Let’s see how high we can go.

Actually, his bit about Garfield is priceless, but I won’t ruin the surprise because it’s full of ooooofff

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