Hobo with a Shotgun Just Got Real

Shit just got real.  According to Twitch:

Jason Eisener begins production on the feature version of Hobo With A Shotgun on Monday and playing the part of the titular Hobo will be Rutger Hauer.

For those unfamiliar, Hobo began life as a fake trailer created for a Grindhouse competition. It would go on to win the event which got it included in the theatrical prints of the Canadian release of Grindhouse here in Canada while also hitting festivals in the US. Eisener would then go on to direct Sundance-hit short film Treevenge before coming back to his Hobo.  Expect this to be complete in early 2011.

Eisner’s Treevenge was pretty gnarly.  As was his fake-trailer, now going to be real movie, Hobo With a Shotgun, which you can watch above. 

Normally, I would say these things are better left as drunken barroom conversations, better left as the funny idea that they are.  But I mean, I’m a sucker for things like hobos, shotguns and Rutger Hauer, so there you go.

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