League Returns to Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse founder, Tim League, has returned to the Austin-based cinema chain as CEO

The plan is to expand, what many consider to be the best movie theater in the country, outside of Texas.  New York City seems like a schiavo (as does any other major city without beer theaters) and normally, I would say Portland, Or. too — since it is often culturally and vibe-wise linked to Austin.

Except that Portland already has so many beer and high quality food theaters, that from a business sense there’s no reason to expand here. 

However, if I were the Pacific Northwest’s McMenamin’s chain, I would read this news and think we’ve got to get our act together and go national (or start expanding to Northern California, Idaho, Montana and Colorado).  Their business model is much more robust and plays more favorably to the average consumer.

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