Luke Builds a Lightsaber

Deleted scene from Return of the Jedi. It’s not much, but, still, I’m mean it’s Luke building his lightsaber! I love that the nerds go crazy and basically the only thing that happens is Luke tightens the screws on his new hilt. And yes, I’m one of those nerds. For whatever reason, this scenes feels like it’s part of another movie — one where Luke is lost in the wilderness, scheming his moves to bring down the Empire and when he pops open his lightsaber in the cave it feels like shit just got real and Luke’s gonna come home to roost. 

The scene was revealed as part of the ongoing Celebration V down in Orlando. [via]

Also: There was going to be a bleaker ending for Jedi, but Lucas changed it, and had the Ewoks play the bongos so he could sell more action figures.  Basically, confirming what every geek has always suspected.  Lucas — best or worst thing to ever happen to Star Wars?

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