MacGruber is … Good?

There’s no possible way I believe this positive review of the upcoming SNL skit-turned-movie, MacGruber.  But it’s worth noting that someone likes it

Part homage, part spoof of some classic action films from the ’80s (Rambo III, Top Gun, Die Hard, the Lethal Weapon series), MacGruber avoids the pitfalls of its predecessors by deciding to not merely recycle the punchlines of a skit but instead expand on the character behind it. MacGruber is a man whose preoccupation in the past with alcoholism, fear of aging, racism, and the crash of the stock market prevented him from defusing ticking bombs. Now there is a supervillian to contend with (Val Kilmer, going all-in), a dead wife, and an obsession with a removable car stereo. But instead of a string of time bomb scenarios like in the skit, we get a series of clever action sequences (and some classic sex scenes) to move things along.

That the movie is directed by Jorma Taccone is reason to believe there will be some inspired moments contained within, but to say this is the best action-comedy movie since Beverly Hills Cop is fairly preposterous.  Yes, Taccone is part of the Lonely Island crew, which is responsible for the always reliably funny digital shorts, but still best action-comedy movie since 1984?

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