New Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman Project Brewing

The oddball director, Spike Jonze, and difficult-to-pin-down writer, Charlie Kaufman, leapt to fame together on the strength of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. It seemed like the duo were perfect for each other, except that, they haven’t worked together since.

So the news that they are shopping around a new project, well, it makes me so FUCK. YES.

The pair are pitching a new movie. While the plot is being kept under tight wraps — it’s a pitch, so a script has yet to be written, and Kaufman movies are famously hard to describe in a few sentences anyway — two people familiar with the project said it has been making the rounds to independent financiers in recent weeks. […]

Since “Synecdoche” came out two years ago, Kaufman has been writing a script that he has called  “Frank or Francis,” according to several people familiar with it. The film, perceived as commercially tricky but also beloved, is a Hollywood satire in the form of a musical (!) and has an art-imitating-life conceit somewhat in the vein of “Adaptation.” (The basic premise: a director embraced for broadly commercial hits resents his success and wants to be considered an auteur and artiste; one imagines it as a bizarre-o world version of Kaufman himself, who hasn’t made any broadly commercial movies and has in fact been embraced as an auteur and artiste.)

The project had been set up at Sony but does not appear to be moving forward there at the moment, say two people with knowledge of its progress. Jonze, meanwhile, is looking for his next film. If financiers and studios bite, that could well end up being “Malkovich” redux.

It feels like the two of them should be making a movie together every three years or so.

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