Olly Moss’s Star Wars Posters

Olly Moss’s tribute to the Star Wars posters/movies is pretty much the raddest thing I’ve seen all day.  It’s the small details, like Cloud City doubling as Boba Fett’s visor, or C-3Po’s eyes doubling as the Tattoine twin sunset, or the Endor forest hidden within Darth Vader’s helmet.  Those pastoral colors that are so evocative of the era these movies were released.  This is the perfect Christmas present for the geek/movie/Star Wars nerd in your life.

The 24×36” screen-printed posters will be available through Mondo Tees beginning today (sadface emoticon b/c they are already sold out) for $50, with a small number of signed artist-proofs will be available on Wednesday 23rd December.

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