Pirating the 2010 Oscars

Andy Baio is back with his annual report on how many Oscar nominated films have shown up online prior to the awards ceremony (ripped from screeners, DVDs, etc.).

Of the 34 nominated films, by my count 28 of the movies are available right now! — if you know where to look and have the desire to not pay for the movies.

According to Baio, fewer films have been leaked this year and they are taking longer to show up online. “Are studios doing a better job protecting screeners and intimidating Academy members? Or was this year’s crop of films too boring for pirates to bother with? I can’t tell if this is a scene-wide trend or localized to the Oscars only.”

I would conjecture that this year’s crop of films are mostly boring for pirates to deal with.  Of the six movies that aren’t available online, only two — Tom Ford’s A Single Man and Jeff Bridges’s likely Best Actor win for Crazy Heart — have any sort of interest in these parts.

Still, this is always one of the most fascinating stories every year, because it offers further proof that those running the studios still have no idea how to maximize technology to their benefit.

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