RDJ Talks His Sordid Past

So you may have heard about the little moving coming out next week starring Robert Downey Jr., the one where he plays a rich guy who dresses up in suits of armor and saves the world.  Maybe?

It may or may not be any good, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to make a boat load of money this summer.  By now, you’ve probably already seen the super secret ending. All of this means that the actor is already speculating on Iron Man 3 (with pretty much every nerd praying for a combination of a Mandarin/Demon in the Bottle storyline).

But better than all that is RDJ talking about his time in prison and his years of drug use in the upcoming Rolling Stone.

“When the door clicks shut, then you are safe,” says the actor, who spent a good amount of time between 1996 and 2001 in prison for drug use. “There is nothing aside from a rogue correctional officer that can do you harm if you have the right cellie. You are actually in the safest place on Earth. Safe from the intruders.”  It’s hard to believe now, seeing as RDJ has recovered to be, not just a working actor, but a goddamn A-lister.  He’s bigger now as a star than he ever was thanks to that tiny, passion project about being a man stuck in an armored suit.

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