Rolling Roadshow Posters from Olly Moss

From First Showing: “The latest edition of the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow kicks off next week with 10 different events and 12 movies. As a promo for the 2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour (via We Made This), the Drafthouse commissioned artist Olly Moss (official website) to design gorgeous new posters for each of the movies. Its become a big trend recently to design posters for classic movies in minimalistic ways, but these are some of the best designs I’ve seen, I love them all. Moss made posters for: Jackie Brown, Dirty Harry, There Will Be Blood, Convoy, The Blues Brothers, Robocop, Rocky I – III, On the Waterfront and The Godfather: Part II.”

Of these designs, Dirty Harry and Rocky are probably the two standouts, with Jackie Brown being a close third.  The real question this begs though is at what point does Hollywood embrace the retro/throwback/minimalist design trend or even more pertinent is at what point do people get sick of this trend?

Larger versions of these posters are available to view on Apple.  No word if they are for sale, other than at the event.

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