Ron Howard on “The Dark Tower”

What’s interesting about this Ron Howard update on his planned adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, isn’t that this is actually going to happen — but you know, holy shit! Dark Tower adaptation happening you guys! — it’s that the adaptation is going to be a combined film/tv hybrid.

Universal recently set a May 17, 2013 release date for the first feature, with Ron Howard directing, Akiva Goldsman writing the scripts and Brian Grazer producing.  Until Goldsman’s work on Fox’s Fringe, I didn’t really think much of him talent-wise.  After the feature film hits theaters, there will be a limited run television show, presumably on a premium cable channel that bridges the gap between the first and second film, with a similar MO between the second and third movie.

If this experiment plays out and actually works, in other words if the studio and participants don’t get cold feet, this could prove to be a model for other ambitious adaptations of dense literary works.  Especially now that the quality of television has, in some ways, surpassed the quality of feature films.

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