Super 8 Trailer

The trailer for J.J. Abrams’s under-the-rader (think Cloverfield) Super 8 has leaked. Also, there’s an official site for the film.

According to Movie Viral, here’s what we do know about the film:

– Obviously, it’s titled Super 8, a reference to old film cameras that both Abrams and Steven Spielberg used to use as kids.
– This is the sci-fi film we learned Abrams and Spielberg were planning to team up on, and is intended to have a style similar to that of Spielberg’s 70s and 80s films.
– The plot (maybe): Set in 1979, a group of kids are playing around with a Super 8 camera and capture something bad on film. This has not been confirmed, but this is what is floating around. How it ties in with the teaser, I’m not sure. I would guess they got on camera whatever that was trying to get out of the train. This may take place in the midwest, since the train in the teaser was headed from Area 51 (in Nevada) to Ohio.
– This is NOT a Cloverfield prequel, sequel, spin-off, or anything else like that.
– The teaser was shot separately from the film, so don’t expect to see any of that kind of stuff in the film.
– J.J. Abrams is also both writing and directing, despite reports he would only produce.
– The budget of the movie is around $45-$50 million, and was filmed in a traditional manner (not “found footage” style as previously believed).
– The release date: Possibly May 27, 2011, since Paramount just moved Mission Impossible 4 from that date, and we know it comes out next summer.

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