The First Frankenstein Movie (1910)

Whoa.  100 years ago, J. Searle Dawley wrote and directed Frankenstein, based upon the gothic novel by Mary Shelley.  It was the first film adaptation of, what could be considered, one of culture’s most important literary stories.  Dawley shot the 12-minute film over three days at Thomas Edison’s film studio (yes, that Thomas Edison), which, at the time, was considered an unusually long shoot.

The special effects and makeup used during the monster’s creation from a bubbling and smoking cauldron is fairly amazing, considering the year the movie was created.

More info about the making of the movie can be found here.

If you poke around YouTube, you’ll be able to find the first film version for movies like “The Wizard of Oz (1910)”, “Alice in Wonderland (1903)”, etc. Good thing they never remade either of these classic films.  [via @openculture]

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