The Future of the Terminator Franchise

So the rights to the Terminator franchse were auctioned off and Pacificor outbid everybody else.  It will only be a matter of time until the franchise gets dusted off for the big screen again. 

The big elephant in the room is where does the franchise go after the last two turgid films and an excellent television show that never really captured a wider-audience?

William Wisher, who helped James Cameron craft the first two pictures, has came up with a highly detailed plan for two final movies that would wrap up the John Connor storyline, according to Deadline Hollywood’s Mike Fleming. 

“Wisher’s 2-picture construct takes place in a post-apocalyptic battleground, and factors in an element of time travel that allows for Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese to interact beyond their single fateful meeting when he traveled back in time to protect her in the original film,” writes Fleming. “Wisher has created a role for Arnold Schwarzenegger that is as surprising as his shift from villain in the first film, to John Connor’s bodyguard in the second.” 

For the Terminator franchise to continue on ad infinitum, the focal point of John Connor should be resolved so they can begin to tell other stories set in that universe.  For now

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