The Quaid Conspiracy

If you have like ten minutes, or a decent sized number two in you, and you want to read something unbelievably batshit crazy, then you could do worse than Vanity Fair’s The Quaid Conspiracy.

They’re spending nights in their car, on the run from the same shadowy cabal—“the Hollywood Star Whackers”—who may have killed Heath Ledger, possibly sabotaged Jeremy Piven, and could now be targeting Lindsay Lohan. No, this is not the plot of Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Randy Quaid’s latest movie. It is what he and his wife, Evi, swear is really happening to them. With the Quaids in Canada, the author probes their nightmare reality, which has alienated friends and family, and turned the couple into outlaws.

There’s so much crazy in this article, I’m really not sure where to begin.

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