Time Warner Mulling Instant On Demand Movies

Time Warner is contemplating releasing movies for home theater concurrently when they are released in theaters, but for the whopping price of $30-$50 a pop.

“Studios’ rationale is that the cost of premium video-on-demand films for home viewing will appeal to home movie watchers looking for family entertainment: although the cost might be prohibitive for a movie fan who wants to watch an art-house picture in the middle of the night, a family of four enjoying some rated-G or rated-PG fare in the comfort of their own living room might be getting off cheap,” reports Geoff Duncan for Yahoo.  “Movie theater tickets are now routinely $10 apiece: after parking and oh-so-expensive theater snacks, a high-prices video-on-demand version of a movie still in theaters might have a strong appeal.”

It’d be nice to see this happen, especially as home theater systems become more and more sophisticated, however, it’d be tough to justify dropping $50 for date night (you know, two people, dinner and a movie, making out halfway into the flick) when you don’t feel like going out.

The other thing to consider is why would anyone pay that much — assuming of course you aren’t a member of the stereotypical family of four and you don’t have a sweet home theater system — when you would be able to illegally download high quality copies once this potentially kicks in?

Time Warner thinks they could have this rolled out sometime in 2011 or early 2012.

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