Tron: Legacy Review

Drew McWeeny on Disney’s Tron: Legacy:

But as a film?  “TRON” really doesn’t work.  It’s poorly staged, poorly paced, and never quite brings all its ideas together.  It is a visual marvel, but inert.

In almost every way, “TRON: Legacy” is a perfect sequel to that first film.  It also is a visual marvel, with many good ideas in it, and yet somehow almost completely inert as a film.   It is a truly terrible, sloppy, half-assed script by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and no amount of spectacle can distract me from just how much the film disappoints as drama.

Joseph Kosinski has been the biggest question mark on this film since he was first hired for the job, and based on this first film, he strikes me as a guy who would make a stupendous production designer and/or FX supervisor.  As a director?  Mmmmm… not so much.  Like Lisberger before him, Kosinski appears to have a tin ear for performance and tone and how to build a scene for any sort of dramatic impact.   Image after image in this film, Kosinski knows how to dazzle, and it helps that Daft Punk appear to have been genetically engineered for the sole purpose of writing the score for this film.  But by about halfway into the film, I found myself completely disconnected from what I was watching, and utterly discouraged.

McWeeny has always been a tough, but fair critic, and he comes from a geek perspective, which makes his review all the more alarming.  It’s not a positive one.  Not even close.

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  • movieGeek December 5, 2010, 3:46 pm

    Sorry to say, but I really hated this one. The story was awful, the SFX too unreal, the CGI on Jeff Bridges’ face is still a few years away from working the way it should.

    Sorry to say, I was even bored.

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