Vanity Fair’s Up and Coming Actresses

I always find it fascinating which actresses, or actors, get tabbed by magazine publications for the “up and coming” designation.  Surely, there is too much politicking going on behind the scenes to designate a worthy crop of entertainers. 

Vanity Fair’s annual “Hollywood Issue,” which hits newsstands nationally on Feb. 9 is an excellent case in point.  Represented are some fine actresses no doubt, but also some head scratchers.  I would argue that Kristin Stewart and Evan Rachel Wood are already established Hollywood royalty and should not be here.  But they sell magazines. 

As for the others, well, solid choices all around, especially for Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Anna Kendrick (who’s best performance to date was in the little seen Rocket Science as an overly competitive high school debator), and Amanda Seyfriend, who has somehow pulled a ScarJo and gone from frumpy best friend to sex bomb seemingly overnight.  It doesn’t hurt that she’s a nimble comedic actress. 

The others — Abbie Cornish, Rebecca Hall and Mia Wasikowska (rent season one of the HBO therapy show “In Treatment” and tell me she’s not one of the best actresses you’ve ever seen?) are all fine and good, but haven’t quite developed the cache to be “up and coming.”  Is there such a thing as the “up and coming” up and coming list? [via]

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