Warwick Davis Reads Stories from His Autobiography

There is a maxim that goes something like this: If Warwick Davis appears in a movie, the awesome-osity of said movie increases tenfold.

Aside from still acting, Davis, (best known for his portrayals of Willow, Wicket in Return of the Jedi, and some trolls or something in Harry Potter, amongst many other awesome roles!) runs a talent agency (Willow Management, natch) for little people and just published his autobiography called Size Matters Not (which is sadly only available in the UK at this moment).

But here he is reading two passages from the book.  The first is about the first time he ever met George Lucas:

The second concerns a meeting with Michael Gambon on the set of Harry Potter.

I know that’s probably not Warwick Davis’s real house, but in my dreams, that’s the house that Warwick Davis lives in and he’s always serving cookies and warm milk before story time.

Also?  His performance in Ricky Gervais’s Extras still remains one of the greatest things ever. [via]

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