When Bryan Singer met Dubya

Is anyone following the developments at Sundance? Because, I for one am not.  However, with that said, I nearly died of intrigue at the thought of a nearly six-hour airplane conversation between director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, Apt Pupil, Valkyrie) and President George W. Bush.

“Politics aside, I did find him to be extremely sharp, affable and self deprecating,” Singer told Shawn Levy of The Oregonian. “And willing to talk about anything. Quite an experience.” The two apparently talked on their return flight from South Korea, passing the time with such topics like 9/11, the economy and Obama, Singer said.

When Singer registered genuine amazement that two presidents (from whatever century) watched his work together, Bush made a gesture of holding his chest with an open hand as if feeling a heart attack coming on and nodded, with a smile, saying, “I know, I know.”

“He’s a goofball,” Singer said.  “A goofball.”

I would have loved to be there for how that conversation started, but also what’s not mentioned is that Singer is openly gay, and though I have a feeling 43 has no personal ill-will against gay people, he sure did use gays as a wedge issue for the past eight years.

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