Wizard of Penetration

Based upon everything else Peter Biskind has written about Hollywood (Easy Riders, Raging Bulls; Down and Dirty Pictures), his biography of Warren Beatty is high on my list of on deck reads.

Still, when the book came out the only thing people wanted to talk about was the number 12, 775 — as in the number of women Beatty allegedly slept with.  Astronomical, and certainly fabricated to sell books.

Brian Palmer is currently reading the “entertainingly salacious” book and this is what makes me want to spend time with Biskind’s Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America:

So far my favorite section is where Biskind imbues Beatty with a sexual spidey sense. He is attuned to any and all sex around him, whether it be lurking at a hotel gift shop (Diane Keaton), sitting at a red light across from him (too numerous to mention), or Gary Cooper’s hand under Rita Hayworth’s skirt, as depicted in the following passage:“One night, when he was still new to Hollywood, he went to a party where he ran into Gary Cooper. Beatty always speaks admiringly about Cooper’s touch with women, saying, “He chased way more pussy than I did.” Cooper was standing next to Hayworth, his hand on her bottom, under her skirt. It seemed to Beatty that Cooper had his finger buried deep inside her butt. How Beatty divined this is not clear. He was becoming adept at interpreting looks and glances, reading people. Wizard of penetration that he was, perhaps he just parsed the language of the bodies, or maybe he was projecting his own fantasies.”

By the way, it goes without saying that if I had to choose a superhero power or a character in D&D, it would probably have something to do with being a wizard of penetration.

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