A Frankenstein Prequel

Matt Reeves (Let Me In, Cloverfield) is attached to direct a prequel on the apprenticeship of Dr. Frankenstein based on an as-yet-published novel by Kenneth Oppel.

Deadline describes the story: “In the Oppel novel, Frankenstein’s twin Konrad is gravely ill. His brother seeks out a mysterious old alchemist to help him produce the Elixir of Life, a serum that will bestow the gift of perpetual health. You can’t order this drink at a pub, and Frankenstein sets out on a dangerous adventure to find the elusive contents. He’s accompanied by his best friend Elizabeth, who is sweet on Konrad. Things get complicated among the three of them.”

And as Devin Feraci points out, “I hope there’s a character in the book who ends up being the monster. That would be so rad.”

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