Banksy’s Street-Art Oscar Campaign

Notorious recluse, Banksy, the world’s most famous street artists, was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary category for directing Exit Through the Gift Shop. Once the nomination was announced, lots of people, myself included, wondered if he would attend the ceremony or if he would campaign for himself, at the very least.

A mural popped up this past week on La Brea Ave., depicting The Oscar draped in a hoody and surrounded by Storm Troopers.

It looks like the handiwork of Banksy, though according to Movieline, people are speculating that it’s the work of Mr. Brainwash — the character in Banksy’s documentary, who may or may not be Banksy himself.

“This is the nightmare scenario in which Exit Through the Gift Shop wins the Oscar and Banksy risks trapping himself in the gilded prison of mainstream success,” postulates Jen Yamato. “In other words, it’s Banksy’s best explanation for why he won’t be showing up Oscar night but instead will probably be watching from afar, secret identity intact, keeping it real.”

At this point, however, Banksy is mainstream. There’s no getting around that. He’s the world’s most popular street artist, perhaps rivaled only by Shephard Fairey.  I’m almost amazed he’s still holding onto the whole secret identity thing; who really gives a shit at this point? The world won’t think any less of him if he accepts an Oscar and makes a speech and it certainly won’t hinder his ability to stencil on walls.

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