Brief Thoughts on Last Night’s Golden Globes

The awards themselves, really only confirmed what most people have long suspected, in terms of the Oscars: that The Social Network is the film to beat in the race for Best Picture, Screenplay and Director, that Natalie Portman and Colin Firth have all but wrapped up the awards for Best Actor and Actress, Melissa Leo and Christian Bale should win the Supporting awards, that Toy Story 3 is going to give Pixar another win for Animated Film.

But for anyone who suffered through the awards last night, there were some good moments.  Notably, Ricky Gervais’s opening monologue, which left me in stitches.

And Robert Downey Jr.’s award presentation speech.  Where he basically said he wanted to sleep with all five of the nominees, but looked at Emma Stone particularly lecherously.

It seems like both of them understood how pointless the awards show is and how not many people really care all that much. [via slashfilm/daily what/mediaite]

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