Captain America Poster

Today, at sometime during the Super Bowl, the world will get it’s first look at footage from Captain America. Which is odd, that we haven’t gotten a trailer or anything from this movie first. It’s as if Marvel has decided to compress the marketing window down to four months, in the hope of building excitement.

And to that end, here is the first official poster for the movie.

It looks great, evocative of Saving Private Ryan, and other gritty WWII movies, and nothing to sneeze at. But I agree with Devin, when he asks, “What is Captain America avenging? The giant ‘Avenge’ across this poster looks like someone in marketing took the name of The Avengers a little too literally.”

Sure, it’s supposed to tie into The Avengers and the sub-title “The First Avenger,” but in the context of this movie does it make any sense?

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