Casting the Egyptian Protest Movie

If Hollywood makes a movie about the events in Egypt, what would that movie look like?

To do our part, we’ve taken the liberty of lining up the perfect cast of who should star in the sure-to-be award-winning film “420 Hours.”

While we’d love to shoot for authenticity, for this to film play big in the West it’ll probably have to be a Hollywood blockbuster where everyone speaks English with a vaguely British accent. So let’s operate on that premise. Assuming the producers find the perfect screenwriter/director combination — we’re thinking urban specialist Fernando Meirelles, City of God director, at the helm and Syriana/Traffic writer Stephen Gaghan on the script — the film will only be successful if the leading actor has the dramatic chops to pull it off.

So who’s got the gravitas to star as Hosni Mubarak? There’s only one option: Ian McShane.

It’s both funny and depressing because Hollywood probably has this in the works already. Lots of great choices, and of course, it includes Natalie Portman. Just because.

I’m particularly proud of this, having helped spitball many of the casting choices and jokes in the piece.

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