Dune Without Dialog

Rob Beschizza performs an interesting experiment by removing all the dialogue from the opening scene of David Lynch’s adaptation of Dune.

By removing all that talking, we could transmute the 3-hour epic to about 45 minutes of Lynch’s imagery, unburdened by the need to make a story out of 650 pages of verbose political maneuvering by people who spend half the book analyzing their own superhuman, chess-like conversations. Instead, loads of robed witches, psychedelic space travel, freaky monsters, and the Toto and Brian Eno soundtrack. Though, actually, I think more Eno than Toto would be for the best.

True story: I’ve never seen Dune, either the Lynch version of the tv miniseries. Never even read the book either. It’s one of those things. Anyway, a few days ago it was on Showtime and I caught the final 30-45 minutes or so and it was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially because I had no context for why Kyle Mclaren was riding around on a giant space worm and treated like a god. Or something. It made no sense!

It’s on YouTube, but embedding has been disabled. Or you can watch it over at BoingBoing.

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