Early Tintin Reviews Coming In

Point: “Action-packed, gorgeous, and faithfully whimsical: Hergé thought Spielberg the only director capable of filming Tintin. He was onto something.”

Counterpoint: “It’s testament to either the genius of Hergé or the limitations of computer graphics – or more probably both – that two dots of ink from a Belgian cartoonist’s pen can express more wit and artistry than £82 million of the best 3D special effects Hollywood can conjure. The difference, you see, is in the eyes. And in this first of three planned Tintin films by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, the eyes do not have it – ‘it’ being that vital, twinkling difference that separates a character worth caring about from a dummy in a Debenhams’ shop window.”

The zombie-eyes has always been the problem with motion-capture animation. There’s no way of getting around that.  It’s odd this isn’t a problem in any other form of animation. Not Pixar-style films, or classic hand-drawn. Only mocap.

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