Felicia Day Shows Off Her Dragon Age

Uber-geek Felicia Day dropped by Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about her webseries, The Guild, but also to debut a trailer for her new project, Dragon Age: Redemption.

And the trailer is such a tease. It’s all like here I am sucking my thumb and wearing a bathrobe. Or whatever it is that people do to be a tease. I don’t know, I’ve been off the market for so long. Still, there isn’t much to see here beyond Felicia Day dressed up like an elvish assassin.

And despite the dubious quality, you’ve got to hand it to Day who’s managed to carve out quite a niche for herself by cultivating a loyal geek following, thinking outside the box and making projects she’s passionate about. It’s strange because she’s never really parlayed the success she’s had into something regular people would consider a success — like a television show of her own, or a few big screen movies, etc. Still, I would take 1 Felicia Day over 1,000 innocuously coked-out Hollywood celebutards any day of the week.

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