Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Board Game

Everyone has been linking to the Arrested Development Clue mock board game the last few days (and for good reason, it’s quite clever), but this Ferris Bueller’s Day Off board game, created by Max Dalton for an upcoming Gallery 1988 tribute to John Hughes, is far superior in everywhere.

First? Ferris Bueller.  Hero to millions between the ages of 25-40. It’s not like Ferris needs another sublime tribute to him, but this board game, which is a playable spin-off from The Game of Life (mini versions will be purchasable at the show on February 11), honors the adventures of Ferris, Cameron and Sloan. Second? It looks like Dalton was inspired by Saul Bass for the design aesthetic.  And for that, we tip our hat and say, well done sir, well done.

Here’s to hoping this becomes a real thing you can buy.  Like in a store.  Get on it Parker Brothers.  [via thisisn’thappiness]

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