First Look at Andrew Garfield as “Spider-man”

I know this is a promo picture and means very little in how Marc Webb’s “Spider-man” reboot will be good or bad, but on the merits of this photo alone, I’d say Sony did a bang up job. The suit looks pretty spectacular, it’s much better than the Tobey Maguire suit, which always looked too spandexy.  It’s also certainly better than Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern suit.  Garfield looks the part of Peter Parker. Even his hair isn’t that bad. Having just seen Garfield in the Mark Romanek “Never Let Me Go” adaptation, he’s more than qualified in the acting category. Count me as cautiously excited for how this reboot could turn out (admittedly my expectations are very very low right now, perhaps because I’m very fond of the Raimi/Maguire movies). [via deadline]

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