First look at Guillermo Del Toro’s creepy-as-hell Pinocchio puppet

Guillermo del Toro and Jim Henson Co. are working on a new version of Pinocchio and who knew it would be full of nightmare fuel.

From io9:

That’s the first look at the GDT-producedPinocchio movie, a collaboration with director Gris Grimly. The feature is inspired by Grimly’s own demented Pinocchio illustrations. More recently, Grimly has beentwittering up a storm about his Pinocchio project, revealing that the mega-talented MacKinnon and Saunders stop motion animation would be building the movie’s dolls. And he even tweeted the studio’s current adaptation of the thin puppet who wanted to be a real boy, Pinocchio. Thus giving us nightmares for the next few months. Look at that skinny wooden creeper. It’s enough to make you want to buy a woodchipper.

Oh, and Nick Cave is doing the soundtrack. Pinocchio has always been the scariest of the Disney movies and this really just confirms how frightening the original story can be.


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