First Look at On the Road

More official stills have been released for the upcoming Walter Salles-directed On the Road adaptation. Again, we have Sam Riley as Sal Paradise, Kristen Stewart as Mary Lou, and Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty. I have no worries about Sam Riley; Kristen Stewart, at the very least, looks more alive in these photos than she has in any movie … well since she started “acting”; and Garrett Hedlund just seems plain miscast as Dean Moriarty.  He has all the charisma, sexual charm and excitability of gnat.

Personally, I woulda preferred to see a photo of Viggo Mortensen as William Burroughs doppelganger Old Bull Lee.

No release date has been determined for the movie yet, but it’ll probably play the festival circuit next year before, one would guess, either getting a late winter release (if it’s good/has Oscar potential) or dumped into theaters (if it’s bland).

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