If you’re feeling stressed out, you should take a few minutes and watch this short trailer/documentary for Float, by Phil Kibbe. It’s centered around the world of ultralight free fliers.

Current designs of these airplanes can fly for over 30 minutes on a single wound rubber motor, and the world record for time aloft is over one hour. These planes fly indoors, in large open spaces such as sporting arenas and aircraft and blimp hangers. The majority of participants in this hobby are over the age of 50, and the hobby itself is aging. As the digital age envelopes the younger generations, this hobby is becoming a lost art.

The goal of FLOAT is to document the hobby in its current state, and most importantly bring much needed attention and an injection of new and excited participants to help perpetuate this beautiful hobby.

According to the producers the final release date is still to be determined. The drama! Who wouldn’t want to see this, or a television show about this gloriously nichey world. What would possess someone to dedicate their lives to this hobby? ou can learn more about Float on their Kickstarter page.

[Colossal vis Gizmodo]

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